Running A Successful Bed And Breakfast Facility

Businesses are set up to make a profit and bed and breakfast facilities are not an exception. However, as the bed and breakfast owner, you must make intentional and consistent effort to enhance the success of your business. We take a look at what you need to know and implement in order to set up your facility for success.

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Maintaining the property

Proper maintenance practices not only ensure that guests enjoy high quality facilities but it also guarantees the property's durability. Ensuring that the facilities are cleaned properly on a day to day basis and thoroughly once every month is a great start. You should also ensure that the HVAC system and the boiler are serviced on a regular basis to prevent breakdown. However, should they eventually breakdown, HVAC and boiler replacement is necessary.  Remember that guests will remember facilities that offer high quality amenities and may even recommend them to their family members and friends. 

The legal requirements

All businesses need to operate in accordance with the provisions of the law and a bed and breakfast is no exception. For example, if your facility will be located outside the designated area, you will require a special permit to set up. In addition, you must acquire all the necessary licenses and need to understand the fire regulations, the environmental and energy efficiency laws and regulations, the required insurance policies and so on. Operating without all the prerequisite licenses may land you into legal tussles, fines and even prison.

Understand your market

In order to succeed as a bed and breakfast facility owner, you must understand your target market. Why is this important? The market is quite competitive and in order to stand out, you must meet your clients' needs efficiently. The fact is, you cannot do this without gaining an in depth understanding of your target clientele. You need to understand the kind of services they prefer, the quality of facilities they are looking for, the amenities they prefer and so on. You also need to keep learning and pivoting your business based on the insights gained in order to remain competitive in the market.

Adopt technology

Unlike in the past where people would drive around looking for accommodation facilities, in the modern day, most people usually research online before they travel.  Most of them will even book their accommodation facilities a few months in advance, especially during peak seasons. This means that facilities with an online presence have an advantage over their traditionally operated counterparts. Listing your bed and breakfast facility in all local and international online directories and booking sites increases your chances of success in this digital era.  

Customer service is king

Although the quality of facilities and type of amenities matter, customer service is still a great contributor to the success of any bed and breakfast. As such, you must invest heavily in ensuring that all your clients get the best experience during their stay in your facility. But how is this achieved? Where possible, you ought to offer a personalised experience to each guest, ensure that all complaints are handled well and within the shortest time possible, ensure that all staff members handling the guests are polite and helpful  as well as implement the feedback given by clients.